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I have both broms and canisters in my tanks. They use the broms for hiding, and I wouldn't be surprised to see some eggs in there if I went looking for them... but I figure I will let them raise these young (if they are laying in there) and I will pull all the eggs they lay in the canisters. I have 3 canisters in the tank, but could always add more if I wanted to. I have a group of 1:4 and then there is a pair in another tank. I am going to pull at least one of the females from the 1:4 and add her to the pair. This way the 1:4 male won't have as much work, and the other male can easily handle 2 girls. I think the number of canisters matters more if you have more males. I would at least have 1 canister to each male in the tank, if thats the way you want to go. They will use the broms, so you could just leave it at that... depends if you really want to produce them, or watch them raise young and ect. It is really cool to watch darts raise tads. I would add a couple more frogs to that tank if you get the chance... but thats just me. Mine settled in right away, and the male was calling seconds after being added to his tank(refering to the 1:4 group)! I found eggs the next moring, and they were good! It might be differnet since your tank is so large (which in the long run is a good thing), but I doubt it. My females are also more shy then the males. Ok, so I hope I replied to everything and I didn't ramble too much :D .
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