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I'm not sure if I can make this make sense or not, but here goes.
1) my 65 gallon saltwater conversion is done. It has 2 bulkheads, a 1" for drainage and a 3/4" for mistking lines that run through it so the misting heads are internal.
2) the lid right now is a 3 part system. 2' screen hack, a stationary piece of glass, followed by a 7" piece of removable glass for access. I'll add pics from my phone when I post this.
I had a piece of glass cut and a 2" hole drilled for an external fan, a 12 volt pc fan that will cover the 2" hole to draw air out. My question is...can I run a piece of PVC pipe into the 1" bulkhead fitting, still use it as a drain(holes drilled near the base of the pipe similar in fashion to the drain hack we use in a non drilled tank to remove the excess water with a siphon.) AND use the same PVC pipe as a fresh air intake going into the tank from the bottom? So basically fresh air coming in the bottom, warm stagnant air being pulled out the top with the PC fan? Thanks!
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