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vent up and died today!

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so i noticed one of my peruvian ventrimaculatus looking dead on bottom of the tank about an hour ago, it didnt move when i poked a stick near it.

I have five vents that i recently moved into a 20g tall, but for the last 1.5 years they were in another tank together. They have all seemed normal since the tank transfer two weeks ago. I started with 7 frogs and lost two a few months after getting them, but the rest have been active since i've had them. I dust FF with calcium supplements usually every other feeding and have been giving them aphids this summer. Out of the five frogs, i have two which are thinner and seem to not gain weight no matter how much food is around, but this frog doesnt seem to be one of those skinny ones. Im reluctant to remove it for another few hours just to make sure its done for. So frustrating!:mad:

What are some common reasons for dart frogs up and dying?
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The first thing that comes to mind is stress from overcrowding.
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