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Vent question

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I have purchased a bunch of vents (see my sig) from NWFF. I have them set up in temporary vivs for observation. They are 1.2 gallon critter keepers with 1" of LECA and 2" of dirt with some moss. The tanks also have a brom, and cuttings from a heart leaf philodendron. The vents don't seem to appreciate their new digs, though. Every second of their time seems focused on escaping (which they can't because the lid fits VERY tight). They have springtails and I added a few FFs, but I haven't seen them eat yet. But then again, I've been trying not to stare at them. Will they calm down, or will they always be scaling the side looking for an escape route?
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Thanks for the help, guys.

I got three of them from various sources, but the three that interest me most were from Phil Tan and someone else (I'm horrible with names). All of them originally came from a breeder named Christian something. They have very green legs, and the stripes on them are broken up into various spots. Instead of a solid line running down their sides, there's a line of irregular spots, and their Ys hardly look like Ys due to being broken up in a similar manner. The other four are more clearly marked, and have legs that are much bluer.

I did spot one of them slurping up a FF that was climbing the glass, though. There are definitely less FFs in there than I put in, so I hope that they're eating.
Well, after 24 hours, everyone but one die-hard has stopped trying to climb the walls. I have the tanks next to my computer, so I think they are getting used to me, because they are starting to explore out in the open.
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