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Vent question

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I have purchased a bunch of vents (see my sig) from NWFF. I have them set up in temporary vivs for observation. They are 1.2 gallon critter keepers with 1" of LECA and 2" of dirt with some moss. The tanks also have a brom, and cuttings from a heart leaf philodendron. The vents don't seem to appreciate their new digs, though. Every second of their time seems focused on escaping (which they can't because the lid fits VERY tight). They have springtails and I added a few FFs, but I haven't seen them eat yet. But then again, I've been trying not to stare at them. Will they calm down, or will they always be scaling the side looking for an escape route?
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Hey Ark,

Congratulations on your new frogs, I know you will enjoy them. The behavior you describe seems normal in my experience. They should calm down in a bit.

I didn't witness my first 2 vents eat until a few weeks ago, I got the first 2 last November. (probable females). I kept mine in a shoebox for months. Make sure you give them some kind of cover to make them feel more comfortable. A film canister in it's side or some kind of plant cuttings. I found it helped them calm down a lot,. They can be very boisterous as you are observing. They are probably feeling threatened and if they can't find cover they will try to flee.

Once mine moved into the big tank (30 gallon vertical) I barely saw them. They will crawl down into the very bottoms of the axials of the bromeliads you have, even submerse themselves completely in the water. This is normal behavior.

For this reason I have considered putting them in a tank with no bromeliads, just lots of other plants and film canisters to have a better idea of where they were. But I like the fact that they are using the plants and they come out more often for me now, so I can observe them better. They haven't breed so I haven't had to get eggs out of the broms.....yet

When they do come out they are amazing to watch, climbing glass and jumping long distances for such small frogs. While they are shy, they are very active when they want to be. Mine jump and fall from the very top to the ground which is about 2.5 feet with not a thought, no scratches or wounds, not even a shake off. They just hop up the glass to their next perch. And they will use the entire tank, not just the higher parts.

Good luck with them. They are fantastic little beauties. Who did you get them from and what do they look like, i.e. do they have blue or greyish legs. Do they have the full "Y" pattern on their back or broken "Y"? I don't know of any vent "lines" or "morphs" but it seems there are differences. I picked up 3 more froglets a few weeks ago and they have much bluer legs than my 2 adults and broken "Y" patterns. One of my adults has the full "Y". It helps to tell them apart.

Glad that everyone had a good time at NWFF. I had someone pick up some imitators for me there.

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