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Vent question

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I have purchased a bunch of vents (see my sig) from NWFF. I have them set up in temporary vivs for observation. They are 1.2 gallon critter keepers with 1" of LECA and 2" of dirt with some moss. The tanks also have a brom, and cuttings from a heart leaf philodendron. The vents don't seem to appreciate their new digs, though. Every second of their time seems focused on escaping (which they can't because the lid fits VERY tight). They have springtails and I added a few FFs, but I haven't seen them eat yet. But then again, I've been trying not to stare at them. Will they calm down, or will they always be scaling the side looking for an escape route?
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There are a couple different bloodline/morphs in the US, and the leg coloration is different from line to line. I am not sure how true these lines/morphs are in nature... but they are what we tend to go by in the hobby. I know the D. ventrimaculatus complex is highly variable in the wild, so the lines we have could be true different morphs/locals found in the wild or they could just be frogs acquired at from different shipments and just bred seperatly. As for the "Y" on the backs, it is just natural variation in my opinion. As I have froglets from the same pair with unbroken and broken "Y's". Although it does seem the Golden Amazonics (has other names as well, but I am forgetting them at this moment) seem to have the solid "Y" more often. I find this true of the Red Amazonicus as well (from my limited experience). But I do think it would be best to keep the different bloodlines seperate.

Ok, back to the original post lol. They should calm down, but the more cover the better. I would also highly consider leaf litter. They really seem to use it and should make them feel like they have places to get away.
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