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This was my second vivarium-style terrarium, called T2 at the time. I had made it as sort of an advertisement / attraction to be stationed on a wall shelf in the office of the vet I worked for.

The original version, T2, looked like this at its best:

^It had problems, to say the least. The waterfall was permanently buried in the drainage layer, there was silicone and coir all over the sticks, it wasn't fit for the "office pet" (a rainbow whiptail) that I had bought for it, and it eventually began to leak from the back.

This was made before I was really into Dendroboard, so I didn't know much. Eventually the ivy died and the tank was abandoned:

^This is what it looked like a couple of weeks or so ago, after I dumped all of the rocks and old soil in the trash. I didn't know if it was really worth cleaning this mess up, and I debated throwing it away.

An interesting and sad story: when the lizard I had bought died, I just tossed all of the superworms it was supposed to eat into the tank and forgot about them. A *while* later I came back and saw these mysterious beetles inside of the defunct tank, just barely alive. They died not long afterwards; I didn't know what to do with them.

I didn't throw it away, though, and ripped out the foam. It was much easier to rip out without having put silicone underneath it first, although putting silicone on the back would have made it look a lot better. on the outside. (I put a 12" * 36" decal around it in order to conceal the yellow nastiness.) Of course, I did have silicone on top of the spray foam (to stick coir into), and that made the process of ripping off foam much harder until I got through the layer of silicone.

I don't think I took a photo of the tank completely clean and naked, but this is the next closest thing:

^An image of the tank and its eggcrate false bottom.

And a somewhat better photo of the false bottom:

^It may not be possible to tell, but the front of the eggcrate does not contact the glass. It stops short and has another strip of eggcrate going to floor. My reason for doing this is that I don't like the appearance of little PVC parts --- like eggcrate and the horizontal couplings --- but I don't like the ways people usually use to conceal them, like silicone inside or paint outside. So I make a tiny gap and fill it with river rocks or turface so that it looks like a rock layer from the front.

Why not the sides, though? Well, that will become evident later.

^Post river rocks and post turface. I deliberately put the river rocks a little above the surface of the eggcrate, because I didn't want to see the layer of turface. (It would be too thin to look like a layer and wouldn't look good.) The reason I put turface down is to prevent the finer ABG mix particles from slipping through the mosquito netting. It didn't work out as well as I hoped --- some of the turface slipped through instead.

^ABG mix, nice and flat. I'm not aiming for a beautiful viv this time; I just want to have some fun. So I'm not doing anything precise and finely-calculated.

^This is with the old decal equipped, because I didn't want to make a prop or do the old-fashioned foam+silicone+coir background. I've also started to enjoy decals / backgrounds like this recently. (This is also the reason why I didn't conceal the sides of the false bottom.)

^Just a reminder of what I was talking about, in case your mouse doesn't scroll up.

^A closer look at the MistKing nozzle. Cutting the glass for this part was the first time I have ever cut glass, not counting drilling. It was way more difficult than I thought it would be; most of the glass didn't break on the scored line like it was supposed to do. But I finally got a panel of the right size. In the future I will just bring my glass to Ace Hardware or something.

^Post stick placement. I tried to get the wood to match the fallen trees in the background --- but not very hard. None of these sticks is sealed into place, in case I change my mind in the future, which is likely.

^Planted! Those are not all the plants I intend to put in there, but at least a bunch of them are.

Fun, and not very time-consuming. To think I would have thrown this chance away! But it came out all right, and it gave me a chance to use my new "V" naming system. (The "T" naming system had to go, in a hobby in which fluorescent shop lights are a thing.)
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