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I've been learning how to compost outdoors, and its incredible to see the microfauna populations explode once the compost pile begins to cool.

Since mantella madagascariensis morph out very small, I need to find a better way to feed them than just relying on seeding springtails in the froglet bin which has been a hit or a miss for me.

Last year, I used soil from outside in my froglet bin with only about 12 froglets in the container. The smaller shoeboxes with higher number of froglets did not do very well at all, and each container dwindled from initially ten to about 3 each.

Has anyone used active compost as a substrate additive for their vivariums or froglet grow out containers? I would like to try it, but this compost pile has a lot of composted coffee grounds I got from Starbucks. I have heard that caffeine has been used to kill Puerto Rican Coquis that are invasive in Hawaii. Should I just start another compost pile without coffee grounds, or do y'all think the caffeine has broken down by the thermophilic bacteria? Initially the pile's core temperature was 130-150 degrees F, but it has cooled to about 10 degrees above the air temperature with a few hot spots. As it cools and ages, the microfauna populations-- spiders, mites, worms, you name it-- are everywhere.
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