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Use of pre-lived in viv for new froglets

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What has been other froggers' experiences or their opinions about putting new frogs into a previously used viv? We are going to be moving our two leucs out of their 10 gallon setup into a 29 gallon one along with a couple of other leucs. There is every reason to believe that the leucs are healthy (we've had them for a couple of months now with no problems) and they had been in good hands previously with no problems.

So the question I tear down the 10 gallon setup or should I take a chance and move a couple of new froglets into it? It's a nicely planted setup so I hesitate to tear down the viv simply because it had been occupied before.

I would be interested in your thoughts.

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Hmmmm two trains of thought here.
1. The tank looks good (yes?) and I did not have any problems with the former residents of the tank, so what could go wrong.
2. Perhaps the frogs I had in there had some "stuff" in or on them that did not affect them but may affect another species and being younger may be more suseptible to a problem.

It's a personal decision. If it were me, I'd view as a way to spruce up the tank and improve on it. Tear it down completely? If you're not in love with the tank Maybe. If you hit eureka and it's awesome maybe not.

So have I been vague enough for ya?

Very Yoda like Dunner.

I think the facts go both ways technically you probably "should" tear it down but I say let it grow awhile because most parasites have a short dormancey peroid (I believe) someone correct me if I'm wrong. ao give it time and maybe some real sunlight to kill anything in it and there should be no problams. Just my crazy theories so take it for a grain of salt.
I am realy paranoid about the slightest problems but i would let it get a few days of natraul sunlight(if its not to cold hot etc) and sterilize it a bit and i would think it would be ok.

But as hexen said take it as a grain of salt but from me an atom of the salts structure :lol:
on the parasites having a short dormancy, that couldn't be further from the truth. A cyst produced by certain parasites can live for years waiting for the right conditions. The bright side though is that most of the cysts are not for the primary host, need an intermediate host first. The adult stage in the primary host of its life as a parasite may not be able to live very long in the viv without a host to feed off of. It really does depend on the parasite too, but I just thought I would bring this into view. I wouldn't see any problems in introducing frogs too it. The only step I might take before is changing any water in it (I'm sure it has already been done if it has water), and maybe change the soil and give the plants a nice good soak and scrub, as well any wood, and all the glass. But that is just my opinion,

Ed Parker
When I was in Washington State, I remember being struck with certain points of husbandry. I met about 4 breeders that meticulously washed their hands in-between every tank, period. I could almost hear them telling me to break the tank down.
Thanks to everyone for their comments. I suspect that I'll just "recycle" selected 10 gallon viv components (plants that is) into the 29 gallon setup and sterilize the 10 gallon. That was my inclination to begin with but I wanted to make sure that I wasn't being too paranoid.

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