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use of different leaves

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I've seen tons of different kinds of leaves for sales - oak, magnolia, sea grape, almond, ficus, fig, etc... Are these all used just for leaf litter on the ground of vivs? What's the difference in all the different kinds?
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Most of those just break down faster, but almond leaves are for tads, as they add beneficial tannins that the tads eat.
i think you have your info a little mixed up.

the leaves listed are ones used primarily because they DO last longer in vivs (dont break down faster)

also, tannins and tanic acid, arent (as far as i know) consumed, rather it has a natural anti-fungal property that makes its use a sort of substitute for methylene blue. its one of those added benefits to using leaves which are generally added to provide tads with security.

tads will eat some algae or bacterial that grows on the leaves though.

Thanks James. I actually forgot to edit that post, I meant to say some break down faster than others. Never knew that tads didn't eat the tannins. Again thanks.
Which, in general, are the best to use as leaf litter? I'm no where near the point of worrying about making tannins in the water. One of my aquariums has a nice big piece of driftwood that makes more than enough tannins to go around.
I'd either use magnolia leaves or live oak. Mag leafs can hold water that frogs may lay clutches in but are big, live oaks break down a little faster but are smaller. Unless your breeding or have a large tank (imo) go for oaks or something of similar size.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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