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Hey all,

I've actually had some time to do some more lurking on DB lately, and I thought I'd post some updated pics of my frogs and tank. The tank has been set up for almost 2 years, with the leucs being in there about 1.5 years. So far, I know I have two males, and unsure about the other two. No eggs yet, but quite a bit of calling off and on, mostly just by one male. I have had quite a few orchid deaths, but things seem to be going better now that I have the internal fan, though I think I will soon be replacing it with a larger version, and use this one for my new build. Enjoy!

The closeup of the frog is one of ones that may be female. Any opinions whether it looks that way?

BTW, this is a 44 gal Pentagon corner aquarium, false bottm with water feature. Background is GS.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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