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Unusual tadpole

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I spent most of yesterday helping a friend pack a ton of tads for shipping. I didn't ask for a final count but here's a picture toward the end of the day prior to packing boxes. I have painter's tape burns. :D

During all of this we ran across this poor little guy. Frankly, I spend very little time thinking about frog genetics. We house our frogs in an environment in which we hope they thrive. Most of us then hope that we are rewarded with tads. As froggers, we don't spend much discussing genetics unless some type of potential problem arises.

Any idea what would cause this? Is it simply genetic mutation or was the egg somehow damaged ?

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Many years ago I had some wild Zapparo's that would throw a two headed tad every 3 or 4 clutches. Never survived for long. They actually threw a three headed tad once! :eek:
Sorry, not a clue. The others were all fine. The challenge was generating enough springtails as they morphed out big clutches but were too small for fruit flies.
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