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Unidentified Possible Food Source

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Hi guys,

another question, I have my viv setup for about 3 months now, with no frogs. I'm seeing these small insects on the driftwood and wanted to ask if maybe you could help me identify what they are.

For lack of a digital camera, they're really small gray insects, somewhere about 1mm in length. They really look like springtails from all the pics that I see but they're gray. Or maybe they are springtails?

Would you have any idea what they are? They move around on the wet driftwood as I have a fountain feature. There's a possibility that they came with the moss bedding that I bought about a month ago.


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Need a better description... but they sound like springtails. They could also be mites. Are they round or elongated? It probably does not matter much what they are, if they are small and palatable the frogs will eat them.

Whoever told you springtails don't live in the Philippines was mistaken. They live almost everywhere on earth, pole to pole.
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