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I have read that some plants do better with stronger parts of the spectrum though. Depending on the plant. For example some need more red or blue.

Most broms will grow under any light, but some may lose there reds and other bright colors in lower light.

I use Philips Daylight bulbs over my tanks and have had good luck. You can get a 4ft shop light and the bulbs for about $20 at Home Depot. These are the T8's which use less power and put out more light so best of both worlds. I think these bulbs are 2800 lumens at 6500k.

Hope that helps, the lighting thing can be a pain as everytime you add more you add heat. The compact flourecents put off mroe light, but the heat in many cases is tough to manage. Oh ya, and they cost a ton more.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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