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I use a modified ABG mix.

I mix the ABG exactly as suggested, but I add in shredded oak leaves, clay kitty litter, and saw dust from elm wood.

Under the right conditions, mycelium will grow and thrive on the elm saw dust. this is the fungal bed that mushrooms shoot up from.

While mushrooms look cool, more importantly, the mycelium promotes springtail populations to thrive.

I walk out back into the woods and collect a handful of small mushrooms, and soak them in a bucket with just enough water to cover them over night. Then I discard the mushrooms.

The water has literally thousands of spores in it now, and I use this water to water the substrate.

While the frogs are my main focus, my goal in Naturalistic vivaria is a completely self sustaining enclosure.

I am trying to find a miniature tropical fruit producing vine that will thrive in a vivarium for fruit flies to feed on. but one that will not produce in excess of what the flies can keep cleaned up. I may not find this one.
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