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Ultimate 10 gallon build + water feature

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Here's the video, before I was placing this in the wrong forum sections, but here. Getting the plants in about 4 days. Gonna fill up the pond with rest of gravel maybe tomorrow.
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Really great detailed build journal, it's always so exciting with the development of each new step! very nice with the youtube link!
---UPDATE--- I got the gravel in and smoothed out the background. The plants will come either July 5th or 6th. I hope earlier, but i dont know. I'll take some pics when I get the plants in. I made a new order and I should be getting 1xBromeliad, 1xpothos vine, 1xbegonia(which I might not use, it looks like an african violet, I think it is :(, 2xwandering jew, 3xpepperomia, 2xphilodendron. I'm not a hundred percent sure though. I am buying these off ebay, I couldn't pass the deal, it is a 10 plant vivarium lot for 9$ And it's a reputable seller. So, like I said, pics when they come. Also a question. Any tips with condensation on the glass? I don't have much during the day because the temps are at about 78-80 but when I flip the lights off the temp goes to about 70 and when I wake up, I cant even see in the glass because there's so much condensation. I tried putting an 80mm fan in the pump access port, but the ac/dc adapter I had was being stubborn and I only got to get the fan running for 5 minutes before one of the wires moved the slightest bit, and I couldn't get it going again. Any tips? Should I solder the wires in?
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