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two new thumbnails in my collection

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Hi, there are two new thumbnails from a Frogday. I have bought them as flavovittatus and giant reticulatus. You can see pictures in my gallery Ori2.
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You may want to check out the Chrisman books as they show 3 or 4 types of Panguanis. I don't have the book in front of me... but I think I recall seeing something like yours.

I have this book and agree with you, that panguanas are similar, but check out the color of legs, there is difference. I dont know call of panguana lamasi, but call of my frogs is very similar to imitator (loud prrr).
Hmmmm.... could it be a "Panguani" Imitator?

Hard to say, but the yellow belly... I was thinking about imitator, because of body shape and the black nose, which is little bit divided by yellow stripe, but not completely.

Does anybody know the call of flavovittatus or biolat?

Ori - I've seen Flavs.

That's not a Flav.

I was speaking with someone else and it definitely appears to be another morph of Panguani.

Still a very nice frog - not a Flav though.

I saw flavs and these are definatly none.
The legs of flavovittatus are pale grey/white and the lines on the back look different,too.

It was told me, that they should come from locality, which is closer to flavos. But I agree, that these are not flavovittatus.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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