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I understand and second frogfreak.. no offense susan but everytime I read you, you seem to be going off topic and being "wear mask, read msds" ;p
I was asking if there was bigger differences than I thought regarding turpentine...
I am not even stating I am wearing gloves and ventilating my garage which is something quite easy, as good as being outside just because it's common sense and unrelated to my questions anyways!

So I'll take it turpentine as the same final result, but just take much longer than toluene and xylene to cure?

Even outside, I still smell if whenever I go by a few feet from it!!! Crazy stuffs... I recommand against using this product.
Unless you are using a fan in your garage, I would say that is still not good ventilation. There is no airflow in a garage like there is out of doors.

The gloves comment was for the general reader viewing the thread as well. Many solvents such as toluene, if applied, inhaled or spilled in greater amounts than could be readily eliminated by the body, could be very toxic. Thankfully toluene is quickly eliminated from the body, but care must be taken to limit rapid and concentrated exposure.
The MSDS sheet is important to read so you know what you are getting into.
No offense taken.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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