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Anyone ever used turpentine?
I've tried making some fake roots with it and it's been curing for well over a week now, but it still smell like hell.... I thought it would cure as quickly as the silicone..
I put my piece outside after a week because I was tired of the smell in the garage
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I would use toluene instead to thin out your silicone, because it will fully evaporate MUCH faster. Use of a fan and/or hairdryer weill speed evaporation even more. Whenusing solvents, ALWAYS do it in a very well ventilated area. If you can, do it outside
Not as god a solvent. The molecular structures are very different. I think you might get some interaction with the acetate groups in the silicone you dont want
the pine smell is turpentine. It is made from pine tree products. because turpenes are alkene chains, they are going to react with the silicone much differently than the benzene ring based toluene or xylene, I don't know who suggested you use turpentine for a silicone thinner, I never would have
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yup. I still use nitrile gloves when handling organics. Better safe than sorry, and a box of nitrile gloves is cheap anyways
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