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True El Cope' (D. auratus) and tadpole

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I do not post very often, here is a random day shot (last Saturday), I thought most would appreciate. It is one of my breeding female El Cope's with tad. This summer marks my thirtieth year working with this great group of animals. Please note, these are very bold and active frogs that show a large difference in size by their sex and are not green and black as some say. I have not work with all the variations of D auratus, but I personally feel this is one of the best exhibit dart frogs in the U.S. hobby. The turquoise and brown matrix just jump out at you,as dose the bold nature of these near extinct creature.


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That's an awesome pic. I've got a few green and bronze Auratus as well. One in particular has an almost teal color hopefully it grows up to look something like your :)
Very nice picture Ian. I have agree with the boldness. My trio is always out except about 30 minutes before the lights go out. These have easily become my favorite frogs.
Hello Ian,

Found the 'Submit' button:) did ya?

Thanks for the pic! How old is your girl in that photo?

Thanks for the picture Ian, it is great to see you add to this forum. I had been under the impression that the El Cope were teal & black, thanks for clarifying. And for anyone interested this is the orginal source for this site specific morph.
Mark, these frogs can very a lot in color when younger, by the time they are three years old most are turquoise and a few are a bit green/teal. Last year I had a few young that were royal blue, now I can not tell them a part from the rest.

Shawn, the female in the image is only four years old. Her mom and dad in the enclosure next door are pushing fifteen and were ones of only a few animals to survive Katrina.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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