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Ok, what da dilli yo!

First, about a year ago I get 4 orange terrib juvis from SNDF, they came in great and in two days they all start twitching and keel over. I do think that might have been that the moss I used was put in a cheap (possibly rich with mysterious chemicals) black trash bag, steaming in my hot garage for a week or two. Ok, hmmm...

well, I get some more tads and juvis that I raise up for a bit and build a viv for them which would go to an aquarium maintenance customer of mine who likes frogs (4 frogs) and 4 frogs would go to a friend who has a lot of frogs and knows how to keep them.

First, my customers frogs start dissipearing and not moving as much. I search the viv for the lost frogs (2 of 4) and find one carcus. The remaining two had me quite concerned bc one just didn't move right. (back legs were a bit immobile) and the others mouth was gaping open and had what looked like a goiter on his neck. Well, they died.

I didn't get any bodies for a necropsy or fecals when they were alive.

Temps were kept under 78F and frogs were fed well with herptivit and rep cal melonogaster at least every other day.

- Second group of 4. I get a text from my friend not more than 5 days later saying that 3 of the 4 were dead over night!!!! What the Flip-Jack!!!???
All perameters and feeding seem fine. The remaining frog seems fine.

Well now, this things got me more puzzled than a Chicken looking at a card trick.
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