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Dendroboard is a valuable resource for engaging with other dart frog keepers, gathering information from the archives on others' past experiences and practices, and supporting each other in our hobby. With that in mind, we all need to be able to navigate the small issues that come up from time to time between forum users, and we need to avoid larger conflicts. Though disagreements over hobby-related issues can and will get heated -- frog keepers are often quite passionate -- insults and personal attacks are never appropriate and will not be tolerated. Dendroboard needs to be welcoming and to feel safe for everyone here.

When issues arise, there are a number of ways to address them.

1) 'Ignore' feature. Sometimes keepers disagree strongly over husbandry practices. A DB user who you don't want to interact with because of these or similar disagreements can be ignored: click on that user's avatar/user name, and on their profile page, click 'Ignore'. You will no longer see that user's posts.

2) Take it to PM ('Conversations'). Anything in a thread that you might be taking too far off topic, or is turning into a personal dispute between you and another user, might best be pursued over private message. Keep in mind that all the rules of forum etiquette apply over PM as well (a formalized but not necessarily comprehensive list of those rules is here)).

3) Report a post. When you click the three dots on the upper right hand corner of each post, one of the drop-down options is 'report'. Clicking on 'report' sends a message to the moderating team that the post may contain inappropriate content, and will trigger a review of the post.

4) Contact a moderator directly. This thread contains a list of the current moderating team members. If you feel as if a situation has escalated to the point where strong intervention is necessary, or is making you inordinately uncomfortable, PM a moderator.
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