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I posted a few weeks ago about a friend's trio of tincs.

One of the males had developed a discolored 'crater' around its nostrils which people on the forum had diagnosed as a nose rub. When the other male started developing a similar rub I took took the frogs from my friend and they are now at my place.

In the 10 days since I've had them, I've separated them (none of them were left in the old tank because I figured the rub was caused by something in that tank) and have applied neosporin with a q-tip every few days.

All three of the frogs are active and eating and I don't think that the wounds have gotten worse, but my questions are as follows:

1) How long should I keep applying neosporin?
2) When can I put the frogs back into a (new, safer) tank together? In other words, will the wound heal or will it always be discolored?

Thanks for your help!
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