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I wouldn't rule out Surinams on the basis of cuffs or bracelets. Kevin, are you sure you don't have it backwards? I've got definite Surinams with cuffs and if you check out Patrick Nabors Surinams they have beautiful cuffs.

Hard to tell from one picture, but I would have to lean toward Surinam Cobalt.

I got my cobalts from Patrick and one of them, I actually call "Bracelets" because of the perfect bracelets on it's wrists/front legs.

I have really been looking at them lately and I think that I have two pair :D Maybe that is wishful thinking but two of them have toe pads that are really small and narrow and two have big toe pads. When I get a break from making tanks I am going to take photos of all their front feet and post them to see what everyone else thinks.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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