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Why is it so hard to find a timer with individually controlled outlets?!?!?!....... in the US?

I found one that has 6 total outlets and 5 of them are individually controlled for $50 but they want like $25 for shipping!:mad: With a 2-6 WEEK shipping time.

Aquarium Digital PROGRAMMABLE TIMER Wave Maker/Light

Just a little tired of having half a dozen bulky single timers in my stand. I have the corallife one and frankly, I hate it and it's the closest one I can find for what I need. Ideally I need atleast a 4 individually controlled outlet.

Sorry for the rant.... spent the last hour searching the web for one and nothing here in the good ole US of A.
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I got mine at HHGregg and it has 5 controlled and 1 always on. Here you go:

P6GC | APC 6-Outlet Power-Saving Surge Protector with LCD Timer® | hhgregg

Hope that is what you are looking for. You can program the 5 to whatever time you'd like.
So does that thing take 24 hours to re set itself every time you adjust the timer like this crappy r-zilla/coralife POS?
(I've also heard rumors about them starting fires, which really doesn't surprise me where coradeath is concerned)
Hey Brian, I'm not trying to call you out and I mean no disrespect or anything, but have you actually tried to program different outlets to different times to make sure that is how it works?

The only reason I am doubtful is I have a couple cheap single outlet timers with the exact same display set up, and the 1, 2. 3 etc are to set multiple on off times per day or different on off times on different days. I use one to control an ultrasonic humidifier I have it set to run for M,W,F 3 times a day for 3 minutes each time. T, Th, Sat 2 x a day for 5 min, and Sunday 2 x a day for 20 min (Sunday is cloudy day, lights are on less too).

I'm really hoping you are right and I am being paranoid. I've been looking for a simple cheap method of controlling outlets that doesn't involve reef timers or arduinos or anything, and this would be perfect ( I can use one of these strips to control cloudy Sunday viv, instead of 3 single outlet timers hogging up all of an 8 outlet power strip).

Thank you for posting these any which way, This is still cheaper than buying a good timer and power strip separately.
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Well, nuts. Thank you for checking for us. Like I said they are still cheaper than buying a timer and power-strip separately, so it is still a good find, but I guess my and Titans' searching will continue.
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