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Hi, i haven't formally introduced myself in a while, so hello, i'm Jasper, i keep reptiles mainly, but have recently dwelled into the land of pdfs after around two years of researching them, a couple months ago i picked up two leucomelas, but one of them died after i came back from vacation... along with a couple other animals in my collection (I don't think i can trust anyone else with my animals LOL!) I'm not an expert on reptiles, but i think i know more than most people... I've been studying reptiles for five years i just turned thirteen years old, more recently i've been herping and cataloging animals that i find, you know, for college and all that.... i have a couple planted tanks already, and i think i'm pretty artistic when it comes to that, i've taken a couple pics of my latest build so might post a journal on here once i'm done....

Anyways, Thanks, Jasper.

Looking Forward To meeting you fellows.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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