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This is the thread I read for temporary containers. I bought a bunch and love them. I did use one as a temporary container for 8 month old tarapoto thumbs and it worked very well. They were in there for a couple of months and they were already courting and such. The only problem is you can't see through it easily. Only problem is Target doesn't sell them anymore as far as I know. You might need to find them online.

PLUS IT's FF Proof!

Sterilite 20quart

Another thread in regards to the same tubs

I have recently gone with going to the $1 per gallon sale at Petco and getting 10 gallons as temp containers. I use them horizontal and the frogs don't mind one bit. They love them and I love them because I can see them clearly. So, $10 for the tank and $10 for the glass lid they sell and some tape(or use Saran wrap). Not bad, I think. Stick a piece a wood and lots of pothos and leaves and sphagnum moss.
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