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Thrift store score!! 80w compact top w bulbs!!

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Wow. What a score today. Just found custom built 2x40w compact fluorescent top fixture. $5!!! Only problem is that it has 4100k bulbs. Is the color temp of the bulbs too warm? Is this too much light for a 33 gallon tall? I've never used these 4-pin type of lights. Do they get hotter then a cfl?


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Nice! how come i never find stuff like that?!? The dual CFLs do get fairly hot, so i would recommend going to a computer or electronic store and buying one or two cooling fans that run at least 30 CFM. I have a homebuilt 2x27 watt fixture over my 20 gallon using straight pin quad bulbs, and i have to have my fan running full speed to keep them cool. Remember, a cooler running temperature means a longer bulb life! 4100k is a fairly yellow. These aren't the best for plants because they don't have much light output in the blue part of the spectrum. Go buy some with a color temp between 5500k-8000k. most like 6500-6700k just because it is a nice white light with a lot of output. Good luck!

Good grab! Is that going on the tank you got from me?
yea! fits like a glove. Going to get new bulbs and get started on the new tank
Good grab! Is that going on the tank you got from me?
Cool. Make sure to document when you get started on the viv :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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