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Is there such a book that outlines the breeding process. There are books that tell size of frogs and breeding conditions but not that overview the information below.


age a frog reaches sexual maturity. (Can lay eggs)
color eggs are suppose to be
egg maturity rate (based on tempature differences) there is a difference
places that frog lays eggs for the most part

I mean this would probally take a lot of research but if it has been done I can not find it. This would be perfect for experenced and non-experenced froggers. This would help people gain a knowledge of the cycle of breeding.

Just curious of others thoughts.

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Therer is an old TFH book called breeding Terrarium Animals by the Zimmermans which covers the info you are looking for, such as age of sexual maturity, clutch size, etc.

The book contains info on tank setup, live food culture, and sexing herps. Half the book is color photos but it covers both amphibians and reptiles. Dart pictures are red head histos, red lehmanni, luecomelas, vents, fants, silverstonei, pictus, pulchripectus, boulengeri complex, tricolor, vittatus, terribilis, reticulatus.

I got mine in the late 80s before even the Heselhaus book came out, it was the only book here that had such a selection of photos.

I'll try and get the code numbers from it next time I rummage through my storage shed.

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