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I need some advice and input from those of you who have bred reticulatus. This morning when I woke up and went in to the frog room, I noticed that my 2 retics were sitting nearly nose to nose in the front of the viv. this would be the third or fourth time I have witnessed this. One of them is quick to very secretive and quick to flee when I approach. The other is more bold. There are days that I won't see either of them at all. Anyway, on to the point. I crept up to the viv and was watching them for a bit and noticed the larger one stroking it's own head repeatedly while the other sat motionless. They did this the other few times that I've seen them together like this. I didn't witness any calling (surely didn't hear them as I'm deaf) thought the larger one would puff up and release the air a few times. Any ideas as to what this could be a sign of? Thanks in advance!

-Bill J.

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Hey Bill,

I have similar questions. I just caught one of my retics doing an odd thing....was about an inch up on the side of the tank glass and it did a 360 sitting in place and when it got to where it was pointing toward the moss it did this little shuffle thing with its back legs and feet like maybe it was preparing to lay eggs (sorta like what a cat does reving up to attack something)???

I saw two of the retics side by side yesterday and one is clearly fatter (the one doing the glass dance) and has a wider head while the other is a bit thinner with a noticably narrower head....anything think they could be a pair?

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