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First off, I apologize if I did the photos wrong.
I have what looks like three different kinds of moss in my backyard. I don't know what kind it is and was wondering if it is safe to put in the tank, and also if it is a good kind to put in. We don't use any chemicals on our yard. I do worry about bugs, slugs, snails, worms etc. I don't want any of those things in my tank. I especially don't want any snails. I was told by a college professor that snails have a parasite that will get into tadpoles and cause them to be deformed. Not to mention that all of those things just gross me out. What can I say. :oops:
The bottom one looks like my java moss clump that I got from Black Jungle.
I put some of the java looking moss into a tank that I am working on. I won't have any frogs in it for a little while. Is there anything I should or could do to the moss to make sure it does not have anything unwanted in it, other than rinsing well?
Thanks in advance.


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I can offer one opinion!

I have both in my tanks and after 6 or so months, the stuff in the bottom picture turned black and died. I see some of the moss in the middle/bottom of the top picture that looks a little like little starlets. This has done well in my tanks, even spreading after about 6 months. All this of course depends on your lighting setup. When I collect things, I set them in the shower and leave the water to the showerhead on for about 10 minutes with lukewarm water. This seems to wash off the vast majority of contaminants.

I hope there is nothing in there to kill tadpoles! I do have several slugs in the tank that apparently came from the moss, but they dont seem to bother anything at this point. They are reproducing and I need to find a way to get rid of them if for no other reason than they're gross looking crawling all over!

Good Luck!
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