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Sorry to cross-post. I posted this elsewhere, but thought this crew might find it interesting as well:

Blort said:
> Good luck to you! I have been hunting for good data on
> rain/temp/air-pressure for ANY station in Central America
> for years. Only lately have I been able to gather series
> from Costa Rica. I cannot help yo with the leucomelas
> habitat climate though.


Just wanted to introduce myself and jump into the mix.

Regarding finding temperatures, I find that METAR information is a great
resource. I used to use these regularly for work in the aviation field,
but they are ground observations so they probably will work for what you
are trying to find out. Granted, they aren't going to be from the jungle
floor, but they will give you a general idea. I recommend the following

Start here:

You will see a drop box that allows you to select a country. Select the
country, in this example "Panama".

On the next page go to the "Most recently observed weather conditions for
Panama" drop down box and select "Changuinola / Captain Manuel Nino". You
will see that you get another page with the current observations and a 24
hour history. At the top is "(MPCH) 09-28N 082-31W" with is the station
identifier (MPCH) also called the ICAO identifier and the lat/long

All the cleaned up information comes from this line "MPCH 161400Z 18004KT
9999 SCT025 27/23 Q1014 HZ S" which is a standard format for communicating
weather data. You can tell there is a blackout period at night, that most
likely means that they have a human observer and that the air port closes
at night.

If you want more historical information, you can probably find a METAR
download utility or poke around on NOAA to download the data files. They
are around there somewhere, but I lost the link :)

Some relevant links:

That last link will calculate relative humidity using the dewpoint and
temperature from the observation page (in this METAR 27 and 23
respectively). I think you will find that there is a wealth of METAR
information out there. Hope this helps.
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