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The ultimate clay-based substrate thread

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With the recent discussions on a few posts concerning Brent's redart clay substrate I was wondering if anybody is thinking of switching to this substrate and how you were planning on doing it.

Merged Red-Art Clay thread and part of Husbandry improvements thread from Science and Conservation - Oz
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Is the purpose of the redart clay to keep the substrate from breaking down and needing to be replaced? Or does the redart clay contain minerals/trace elements that are beneficial to the frogs?
Has anybody bought a large bag of the redart clay and wants to sell a small quantity of it?
UmbraSprite said:
So why would one choose Redart vs Lateralite (sp?)?
I'm interested in the answer to this as well before I buy one or the other.

From previous discussions it sounds like the calcium level in the substrate is what people are concerned about. Does one or the other contain more calcium? Are there other advantages to using one over the other?

Dancing frogs said:
I belive you use the redart as an unfired clay, it will basicly turn to glop in the bottom of the tank.
Laterite is fired, and will not turn to glop, and will provide drainage for ever.
If I remember Brent's post correctly he mixes up the redart clay powder with water as if you were going to use it to throw a clay pot. Then he lays it out as a 1/4" slab to completely dry out. Then he smashes it into smaller pieces to mix into his substrate. I don't think he has a problem with it then turning into glop in the bottom of the tank.

Hopefully Brent will pick up on this post and give us his input.
kyle1745 said:
Sorry I can not give it out, as it is not mine. I am by no means a "soil" expert as some of the members are. :)
Any chance you can get the person who you got the recipe from to post it?
SUPER Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS.
bbrock said:
Dirty Old Man Performance Substrate

Mix 2-3 parts Redart clay with 1 part local soil (I collect mine from under conifers to get a good mycorrhizal inoculation) [edit: beware of chytrid! Use sterile topsoil if in doubt]. Add just enough sharp sand to be able to tell it is there. Add about 1/4 to 1/2 cup hydrated lime to 2 gallons of soil mix. Mix it all up. A cement mixer would be ideal but I use a paint mixer attached to a drill. Slowly add water while stirring until the mix is evenly damp and clumps up into pea sized and smaller aggregates. Spread the mix out in the sun on a piece of burlap or similar and let it dry. Dilute some acrylic mortar fortifier about 10:1 with water (so it is really thin and diluted). Spray down the dried mix with the solution to thoroughly dampen it. Let it dry and repeat the spraying. Let it dry again. Sprinkle a little more lime over the mix and stir it in. It is ready to use. If you want to get really picky, sieve the mix through a 1/4" mesh. I didn't and just broke up the largest chunks by pinching them.
Hmmmmm................I think I'll wait till you make up a batch to sell. Please put me at the top of the list :D
sports_doc said:
Here's what we should do Gary, get the NE/NY frog groups together somewhere this Spring, have all the supplies pre-purchase. And on a nice sunny Sat we make up monster batches with a rented cement mixer. Enough for all to go home with a 5gal pale full.

Add frog talk, BBQ and liquid refreshments and its a Dirty Old Man Party!
The van is all gased up and ready to go. Just let me know where and when and I'll pick up Aaron & Oz along the way. I'm always ready for a FIELD TRIP :D
1 - 9 of 346 Posts
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