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We've been working on it since November and it's finally finished. A room in the basement for my herps, what more could I want. My parents built this room for me as my 18th birthday/high school graduation present. I can't thank them enough.

The following are photos of the warm side where I keep my dart frogs, tadpoles, plants, a few geckos and miscellanious frogs.

Here is the closet, it's nice to have an actual place for supplies rather than just having to throw it on top of shelving units.

This is the cool side for my salamanders, mantellas and uroplatus.

I had a good friend of mine stop by and spray paint this mural on one of the walls down there. You see it as you walk down the stairs into the basement.

Dendrobates leucomelas

Dendrobates tinctorius 'Dwarf French Guiana'

Dendrobates galactonotus 'Red'

Dendrobates azureus

Mantella aurantiaca

Mantella madagascariensis

Mantella crocea

aurantiaca eggs, less than 24 hours after being laid

aurantiaca eggs at 4 days old

aurantiaca tadpole, first day in the water

crocea tadpole with arms, just approaching 4 months of age

crocea froglets, about 2 weeks out of the water


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Thanks guys. After years of having cages stacked to the ceiling in my bedroom, it's a nice change to be able to have a room dedicated to them.

Scott - I don't think I can appriciate my parents as much as I should because they are all I've every known. They have been extremely supportive of my unusual hobby. I can remember being 8 or 9 and spending entire weekends with my dad driving all over southern Wisconsin from pet store to pet store. This room is more than I could ask for. Personally, I think in part my parents just got tired of me using the bath tub as a giant sink to wash aquariums in and the kitchen sink to clean fruit fly cultures with.

Jbeetle - I purchased my dwarf tinctorius from Aaron Handzlik in 2002. I like the dwarfs because they give the impression of being delicate (small size) but are still as tough as any other tinctorius. I'd like to try my hand with some of the other smaller color forms in the future. Talk to you later,
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