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I haven't posted an update for my 30H vivarium in a really long time, so here's the final update before I rehouse these Leucs in the 65g Peninsula I will soon be starting. This viv is about 1 year old. It's ridiculously overgrown with Ficus pumila - the leaf litter is not even visible because it has carpeted the ground so densely. These photos aren't anything special, but enjoy anyways!

Alocasia amazonica 'Dwarf'

My #1 hatred in this hobby... Nemerteans :eek:

I can elaborate more on my 65g Peninsula project if you guys would like, but expect it to be awesome...

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looks great Mitch :D

How long did it take for your ficus to spread?

I was hoping mine would just take over but they aren't really not looking that good. It hasn't hasn't spread too much at all but it has only been about 3 months...maybe I'm just being a bit impatient lol.
If I could do you mind if I post a pic?
I just got issued an infraction and don't want to get another for hijacking so I figured I would ask first and maybe you can help me with it.

and I would love to hear more about the 65g peninsula :)
That's 1 year of untrimmed Ficus growth. The stuff grows exponentially in my experience, meaning that it'll start off slow but then just spread faster and faster until it becomes uncontrollable. Well, that's just my theory.

PM me the picture and we can talk some more.

Me too. Do those attack your eggs? Bc I have exactly those.
Well the Leucs have not laid any eggs that I've known of so I couldn't tell you. Luckily these guys have stayed out of the majority of my other vivs.

Getting Nemerteans made me realize the importance of sterilizing everything that goes into your viv and using a bleach dip for plants, along with other pest preventative methods.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

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so youve experienced the wrath of the evil ficus pumila huh? worst viv plant ever IMO.
Haha, I never really knew what people were talking about when they said it was a bad viv plant... but now I know!

Everytime someone has given me a piece of creeping fig it has all been double bagged and put into the trash. I've seen it deform fiberglass panels on a greenhouse.


You won't ever see it in any of my vivs, but it does look good for a few months before it goes apeshit and strangles everything
Yea, it looked good for a while before it took over. The slugs didn't have any interest in eating it either, which was good.

Mitch what did you use for moss in the top left?
How did you go about mounting it or applying it?
It just popped up. It likes to be well misted and grows somewhat quickly.
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