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Here's one of my favorite builds so far, a three foot long branch terrarium, deemed the Brancharium.

Cork bark branch with Hygrolon on top, lots of bryophytes, ferns, orchids, etc.

Substrate on the bottom is 1/4" Seachem Onyx. It gets flooded and I haven't drained it so there's like 1/2" water right now. If I would have had enough room to put the tank on its own stand, I would have drilled a bulkhead on the bottom and had a sump under the stand so the excess water would just free flow down the drain. But I couldn't do that, unfortunately.

Also has a PC fan at one end that turns on and off multiple times per day to move the air and reduce mold.

NICREW Class LED light.

Tank is a high clarity Aquatop Bookshelf (12 gallon, I think)

A fun build that I am very pleased with and is beautiful to look at.

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