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Hey mate.

As has been mentioned Terribilis regularly scuff themselves up while chasing down food items etc.

I picked up a few more Terribs at the end of last year.

About a week or 2 after getting them home and into their QT tub I noticed a black mark on one of their backs which I simply classed as a "Terrib Bash"

After a few more days it inflammed and changed into a raised out grey sore.

I simply seperated him from the rest and misted him with a 1:500 dilution of F10 Veterinary Disinfectant to keep bacteria at bay.

After another week or so, and 1 more misting of F10 the sore was well on its way to recovery.

He has since healed fully and is doing just fine.

Hopefully you can get your wee fella fixed up too.

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