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According to Wikipedia this is how P Terribilis reproduce (below). Doesn't really jive with what I thought I understood about them, but maybe I'm wrong.

"The adult frogs carry their young into the canopy, depositing them in the pools of water that accumulate in the centre of bromeliads. The tadpoles feed on algae and mosquito larvae in the bromeliad, and their mother will even supplement their diet by laying infertile eggs into the water for the tadpoles to eat. Unlike with Oophaga pumilio, however, terribilis tadpoles can thrive on other foods and do not require their mother to feed them eggs. Once the tadpoles develop into froglets, their parents lead them to the group in which one parent, usually the female, lived. The young are accepted by all members of the group, but remain in close proximity to their parents until sexual maturity."

rest of wiki article...
Golden Poison Frog - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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