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terribilis death

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My eldest mint Terribilis (9 months) died this morning. This entire weekend he was acting crazy every time I entered the room, or poked around in his tank. He would start freaking out, jumping all over the place. He was even jumping into the walls in a erratic mannor. I found him this evening, when I returned home, floating in the water freature. I do not know if he drowned or died independently and then fell into the water.
I did not think there was anything seriously wrong, because he is fat and looks healthy. The only problem was numerous scratches and other markes he obtained from jumping into things and hiding in really tight spaces between rocks.
I am not sure wether I should fill the water are with gravel so my three other frogs do not encounter the same fate. If he was sick why did he look so healty? And should I be worried about the health of my other frogs? I have kept them all in a 30 g tank with an average temp. of 76 since may 2004.
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If you still have the frog, get a necropsy done. At the very least get fecals done. As the others have suggested, .... Parasites will keep reinfesting the frogs and the parasite load in the closed system will increase. For the few dollars a fecal exam costs, it will be well worth knowing for sure if the other frogs are in danger of a similar fate.
I should have said if it was refrigerated..... no one will want to do work
on a rotting frog!
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