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If they are producing eggs faster than they can provision the eggs with all of the appropriate vitamins and minerals (as those don't restrict or limit egg production) then the female is losing those nutrients to the eggs.. so yes it can be an issue. It is an artifact of the tendency to overfeed the frogs in the hobby. Extra calories are turned into fat which allows a sped up time line for egg production....

Ed, so if I undstand you correctly, if we feed normally for lack of a better term, we will likely see less offspring however, reduce the chance of having potentional problems with eggs, tads, and froglets during developmental stages?

I ask as I keep very common species with extensive availability. I have no reason to try and speed up production as I don't keep frogs with a sole focus on breeding.

I have been feeding heavily, falsely believing that it was important to ensure that females get back those appropriate vitimins and minerals. How do I say this more simply ? I have assumed that frogs are going to lay and therefore it is my responsibility to ensure that they get the extra calories they need. Based on your commentary above, I may actually be supporting a potential problem go-forward.
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