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I have heard before that an established termite colony many roam a very large area, up to a football field! I don't know that is true, but is there any potential risk with the whole idea of attracting termites? Especially when spring comes and flying queens come out, looking to make new nests?

I found perhaps a small termite colony in an old log used to line edges of gardens. I put it underneath some wet straw and hopefully I might get some more action, meaning I hope it will produce. But is this dangerous? I don't want the termites to destroy my house!

Rain Frog

I collect subterranean termites around thins area and will bring them into my house. Termites dry out so quick and have to find the right area that they are of almost no danger of infecting your house. I have even caught a swarm in bloom and tried getting a colony going with out any luck.

Hope this helps,
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