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It was a pretty warm sunny day this moring so I decided to go collecting. I made me a neat-o bug catcher out of two peices of airline tubing and a plastic water bottle. Armed with my high-tech equiptment (axe, shovel, bug catcher, small containers, & machete) I went off to turn over some logs and rocks. There were some juicy rotten logs in our back yard that seened ripe for the picking.

This paticular log turned out to have quite a bit of termites. After hacking up the log a bit and spending many minutes sucking termites into my bottle, I'd say I ended up with over 150 of the little buggers. I've got them set up as per the arachnoboards forum.

After termite city got smashed by Godzilla I spied more logs in the brush. The 2nd log I turn over suddenly explodes in ants carrying aroud pupae (larva?). I grab ye ole 10galon tank and pop the log right in. There were also lots in the dirt right beneath the log, I shoveled these guys into the tank as well. With vaseline border in place I have them a cotton water wick and some oats & apple to tide them over. I tried using my bug catcher (since it worked so well) but, the ants were too big for the tubing.

I don't really need to culture either termites or ants. Ants especially. It's
more for the fun of it. Hopefully I have amazing luck and somehow both of them can reproduce *crosses fingers* Anyone else going collecting now that it's spring?
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