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Temperate Vivariums, Donations?

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-I am working on the plans for a hundred gallon, temperate vivarium withs plants and animals native to DE (mid atlantic seaboard). It will end up in a nature center at a state park, and they are giving me a decent budget for it, (around $500). It will be a rocky piedmont-style tank ( as opposed to southern DE's coastal plain habitati).
Beingf such a large tank, I will have the chance to have a variety of different mico-habitats in the tank, which is obviously great.

--First off, I am used to dart frog vivariums with false bottoms and tropical plants. Which plants would be good for this set-up?
--It will have a water feature, Should i do the false bottom thang?
---If no (false bottom), then how should i build the substrate?
--also, if I could contact a supplier and convince them to donate any of the supplies for the tank, or even give us a discount, then they could write it off as a tax deduction and we can make the set-up even better. The donation would be officially donated to the non-profit associated to our park.They would also be recognized in several forms of publication dedicated to the park system. Does anybody know any suppliers that will be willing to do such a thing?

Thanks everybody in advance,

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