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I have started to redesign my frogroom. It seems that my R. sirensis truly feel much more secure the higher the viv is. I had them head level on a rack before. Now they are waist level as I transition into the new layout. They are obviously less visible the last few days, and only are visible while sleeping at night. It seems to me that the frogs who are more inclined to "roost" up off the ground feel far more comfortable in a viv that is high off the ground. Has anyone noticed similar? These frogs are not the boldest to begin with, admittedly, but they are just reclusive now that they are down lower.

To answer the question first, yes I realize the moving of the viv itself will have an effect on the frogs' sense of security. However, the viv was lifted with no disturbance, and placed in the exact spot it was, just on a table instead of the rack, and much lower. To clarify what I mean, it's not like the tank took a journey of any kind. It was lifted, and set down evenly and quick.

Any thoughts on this? Maybe the tanks orientation to the earth itself has more to do with the way more arboreal species feel while confined within glass walls. Perhaps the frogs, even though are given height in a viv itself, can recognize and register that the viv is lower on the ground than prefered?

Any input will be relished, lmao!

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