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Hey all,

With COVID going on I decided to take down a few aquariums and vivs (no live stock just flora) and want to use the space to get a Paludarium up and running to consolidate the viv plants and some of the aquarium live stock.

I'm currently on the hunt for the 36"x18"x36" ZooMed Paludarium, but I'm having issues finding them locally and no one sells the large Paludariums online. So mean while with the enclosure hunting, I'm trying to figure out the odds and ends.

Overall lighting, heating and misting is easy and taken care of with things I already have laying around. The one thing I can't figure out is what I should do for filtration. I'm thinking that the body of water will be about 15-20 gallons, so a small filter wouldn't be ideal to keep up with the overall bio load from any terrestrial matter that might fall in as well as the bio load from the aquatic inhabitants. That said I'm not looking at overstocking, but more so just have always been of the mindset to over filtering. Initially, I had been looking at internal submersible filters, but hiding them while still trying to have them readily accessibly is proving a challenge with my planned layout. From all of my searching a lot of people have recommended external canister filters which would be ideal. The only issue I'm having with this is that I don't believe the canister filters on the market are not able to pull enough vacuum to pull water from a 36" deep enclosure where the water may only 7" max height (but most likely lower) at the bottom of the enclosure. Only thing I can think of is going with a Fluval FX5/6, but that's way more overkill and flow than the expected over filtering I normally do :). If this was a custom built enclosure I was considering drilling the back glass to hold the return line lower, but with a $280 enclosure that's a pain to rebuild and seal in the worst case something goes wrong during the drilling/having or the weight of the return and feed pulling against the glass causing a stress fracture. Having done it on ExoTerra's in the past, I don't see ZooMed being much different of a process.

Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm just looking for ideas at this point to see if I can figure something out...
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