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During my weekly cleaning of the rat cages I went to grab on of the canisters in which I keep their food mix which is a combination of lab block, black sunflower seed, dog food and a grain mix which includes millet, corn, peanuts, and other types of grain. Anyway, I fill two smaller containers from one huge container that's in my garage which has lasted well over a year. Earlier in the year I opened it once and had some small moths fly out of it. Didn't think much of it at the foward to last night and cleaning the cages. I opened the small container and in it were all these tiny little worms, catapiller type things in all this messy web stuff in there :shock: (I thought their food had been looking funny). Turns out my rat food supply has been infested with Indian Meal Moths. What's funny about that is I was just getting ready to order a culture of them to start getting my own cultures going for my frogs. Talk about timing! :D I must have picked 60-70 of those little worms out of there and started them in a new jar with wheat flour and chicken mash and some of the rat food (minus the lab block). Rats don't seem to mind the little grubs left over in their food either so at least I don't have to waste whats left over of their food.

Just thought I'd share the story...funny what others would deem a pest, we pick out and try to raise as food for frogs. 8)
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