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Tadpoles popping front legs

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:D Well these are my very fisrt tadpoles and they have seemed to be doing great!! They are leucs and I also have some patricia not too far behind them. They had just started getting their color last weekend! :shock: That was so cool to open them up and see that yellow coming in finally!!

Well now I am seeing some front legs. They had them poking out like elbows at first and some of them have tiny little front legs now. So, I just wanted to know if the front legs start out real tiny like the back legs do? Also how soon would you know if they have spindley leg? I just don't know if their legs are supposed to look that skinny and little at first or not. Does anyone have any pics of a tad with new front legs? That would help also. Thanks for any info everyone!

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The front legs will completely form underneath the gills. Once the gills are absorbed, The fully grown legs will pop out. SLS should be noticable at this point.
The ones with SLS won't be able to move their front legs. If you see any movement.. then those tadpoles are fine.

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