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Summer Scads meeting

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I wanted to put it out there that I'd be happy to host a Scads meeting at Reptile Island, in our Stanton location. The store is 2400 sq ft, plus I can put some easy-ups and tables in the parking lot (after 5:00, the parking lot is rather quiet on weekends). Any time works for us, but summer would be the most pleasant. As we have a meeting scheduled for Oct. 1st already, something towards the end of July (30th or 31st) would probably work out well.

In addition to being able to see and handle all of our non-"dendro" animals, we'll have all of our supplies at significantly reduced prices just for the meeting (tanks, wood, vivarium decor, supplements, etc). Outside sales would also welcome for the duration of the meeting.

We close at 6:00 on Sat and 5:00 on Sunday, so we'd be able to begin shortly after.

Let me know what everyone thinks!
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After I posted this, I saw that Dane is planning on hosting a meeting in the summer. We'll have no problem hosting the event at a later date if this is the case!
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