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So I am getting a few vampire crabs and want to make a paludarium, 2/3 land and 1/3 water with a rock waterfall, for them since I cant do anything simple. Probably gonna use a Exo Terra Mini, Tall- 12”x 12”x 18”, maybe larger.
So for my list of supplies I got:

  • A filter (is this needed)
  • A pump
  • A mini fogger
  • pond great stuff (expanding foam)
  • cement
  • foamcoat
  • cork hallow
  • Brown Silicone 1 100%
  • Spagnum moss & coconut fiber substrate
  • Those lil clay balls for the bottom that i can't think of the name for
  • A net cups for plants
  • moss sheets
Is there anything unnecessary/overkill (mostly curious about the filter). Anything I am missing or that you want to suggest. Good youtube tutorials, I love a good video! :p

Also I know this is mostly frog and tank but if you know anything about vampire crabs, any tips for those and are there any plants they can have with them?
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