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Hi everyone! I just bought my first dart frogs a few weeks ago and I'm growing my own ff cultures, hoo-ray. im trying to find a good diy mix. I found the recipe for the power mix created by chris miller and I want to try it out since I've read it can be very successful, but I am also interested in using methyl paraben with it bec I am afraid of mold/mites/fungus that would render my cultures useless...if anyone can give me some pointers as I have never used either the mix or methyparaben so any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks all! Here is the recipe for the mix...

"In a pot bring the following to a boil.
2 cups water
2 cups vinegar
1/8th cup Dark molasses
1/2 can of grape juice concentrate
2-3 overripe mushed up bananas

After bringing this mixture to a boil, add the dry material

1/2 cup malt of meal
2/3 cup potato flakes
1/3 cup Brewers Yeast (the key ingredient)

Place about 2 inches of medium in each qt size jar, and sprinkle maybe an 1/8th teaspoon of activated yeast on the top.* A day later, 20-30 flies are added."
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